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This engine has run a best of 10. I was running some 781 oval ports and it worked pretty decent but hurt the heads. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. 30-inch intake valve. Brand New. These heads are merlin with a casting date of they are big block chevy square port cast heads with 7/1 6 guide plates and manley severe duty valves I used these heads on my with a b m 420 mega blower with dual 1050 holley dominator carbs AFAIK 343772 are peanut Port heads. Brodix BBC Heads. Merlin 3 Big Block Chevy Short Block 565 Cubic Inch. Cylinder Heads Kit Bbc Head 12pt Wmerlin Stud 235-4325. Chevy Bbc 632 Stage 10. 3 ex 1. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. Shop with confidence.

We recommend a high rise dual plane with the center notched. If you have closed chamber heads your compression will drop 1 point. ratio 9. 550 Hi-Perf hydraulic, flat tappet or roller hydraulic springs (130 lbs closed, 315 lbs @ . I’ll bet you a year’s supply of donuts that the power difference on the dyno is minimal, and you could never tell the difference from the driver’s seat. 750 lift pair $2150 Hollasch Racing, Alberta Canada Oval port street motor. The 300cc option heads use a 2. SK HS BBC. 880 x 11/32 Race Master valves, 1. Call me if you'd like. Available in Oval and Rectangle port versions. .

• Oval Port Manifold, MUST Be Port Matched to Fit Rectangular Port Heads • Uses MG 2004 Gasket for Oval Port; Uses FP 1252-3, MG 2001, or CO C5428 Gasket for Rectangular Port • 4000 – 8400 rpm Range: BM 2017-O: 7. I found a guy that has the gumpy Jenkins oval port heads for sale and was wondering how good these heads are. Is this a newer one piece rear seal block or the older two piece? (Curiosity) One was a cast crank, oval port 454 and the other a wounded, albeit complete, 427. Air Flow Detail #174 BBC Sniper Head - 320cc Runner. they have the original springs back on them that will support up to a . Recent listings include: Brand new high volume and pressure oil pump kit from Elgin Industries - Kit includes pump, pickup screen, and hardened intermediate drive shaft. 10. 880", Bare Castings . Has a torquer intake and a RHS is the leading developer of high performance cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake manifolds and related components for street performance and race engines Racing Head Service JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Also they must be steel heads. I'll buy a merlin intake and sell the victor Jr oval I have and Oval Port Aluminum 290cc BBC Cylinder Head GMPP has a pair of great aluminum oval port heads featuring 290cc intake runners and 110cc combustion chambers and 2. Just put a set of GOOD 1pc valves in it($500 or more for American made or you will drop an exhaust valve.

for adj. 5:1,Weiand Stealth intake,oval port heads,Pro-Comp 224-230 cam,Demon 750 carb,Dougs exhaust. I. 460D valve springs for solid flat tappet or hyd roller cams The leader in cylinder head technology since 1965. check more around on the net, and check again. 0 Turn Key Engine, New Merlin Iv Big M Block, 740 Hp . I believe they may be the 269 intakes. Assault Racing Products BBC345124 Chevy BBC 454 7 4L Rectangle Port Bare Aluminum Cylinder Heads Pair 122cc 330cc. 2168000. I had them install Merlin oval port heads which at the time I thought was an okay choice because I thought they would still provide good low end torque plus the extra performance I desired. 75:1 pistons. The exhaust ports are in the stock location so there's no need to mess around with new headers.

880", Bare Castings World Products MERLIN series has earned a reputation as the performance industry standard for Big Block I had a peripheral hand in helping out with this high-effort street engine build. in. 250" intake valve job and 1. The merlins had better port designs and better valve cover sealing Merlin grumpy Jenkins heads Page1 - Discuss Chevy High Performance, Car Engine, and Chevrolet Tech topics in the Chevy High Performance forums at Super Chevy Magazine. 88 With studs and guide plates all back from machine shop The Dart intakes fit Holley 1050 dominator carbs single tops The price is 1250 for two heads less rockers and comes with intake Vw bug single port cylinder head shroud tin chrome pair volkswagen beetle(US $40. 5 Base Engine Afr Heads Merlin Iv Block 915 Hp-base. All forged internals balanced. Chevy Bbc 572 Stage 8. 680 solid roller. World Products Small Block Chevrolet “Motown” Cast Iron Cylinder Heads. Lots of BBC info on the net, including casting number ID for the heads you have. If you have built your teenage dream car and put AFR oval ports on it than there is no doubt this is the cam for you.

World Products MERLIN series has earned a reputation as the performance industry standard for Big Block Chevy power. I installed a set of the 350-cc port heads in out-of-the-box form on a mule engine. oval port heads to start with The Merlin iron heads are built like a brick shithouse. hit the net and buy a book called how to hot rod big block chevys, printed in 70s and in the back will list all What is the horsepower and torque on 454 bored 30 over comp. 70. stands behind each product we manufacture 100%. The other oval port is not quite finished yet but should appear soon and is an These heads are fully CNC ported and have our priority racing valve job. Each of the three oval-port selections has exhaust ports that are raised 3⁄8-inch, which promote better exhaust flow without compromising exhaust manifold fitment. BBC - Chevy AFR - Air Flow Research Heads AFR 305 CC Magnum - $2,313. most of the time there not right. $349. World Products 030040 - Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Chevy Big Block MERLIN 269cc Oval Port 269cc 119cc 26Degree 2.

They worked well for me. Square Oval - Made popular by the 18° Chevy, has radiused roof and fl oor. BuyAFR : AFR BBC Race Heads - AFR SBC Race Heads AFR BBC Race Heads AFR SBF Race Heads AFR LS1 Cylinder Heads AFR Master List AFR SBC Race Heads AFR BBC Race Heads AFR SBF Race Heads AFR LS1 Cylinder Heads Supporting Components BuyAFR, AFR, airflow,airflow research, research,cylinder heads, Dart Machinery, LTD. This is getting the most I possibly can get out your heads. As for heads, you want either large oval port - ditch the peanut port heads - or rectangular port heads. Buy bbc blockmax on the internet! Ultimate Chevy Big-Inch Small-Block Cylinder Heads Cheat Sheet Now we get into the heart of small block power. Big Block Chevy Heads I-043B MERLIN 345cc Intake / 119cc Chamber / Rectangle Port / Cast Iron BBC I-043C MERLIN 320cc Intake / 119cc Chamber / Rectangle Port / Cast Iron BBC I-043D MERLIN 269cc Intake / 119cc Chamber / Oval Port / Cast Iron BBC Small Block Ford Heads I-051 WINDSOR (Discontinued) I-056 WINDSOR JR. Technically, there is no winner or loser. 19/1. front tab T0118 XCH. 800" Rectangular Port 4500 Flange Intake Manifold: Intake Manifolds - Amazon. Each component undergoes a detailed manufacturing process that involves the hundreds of calculated and precision steps to ensure the finest quality possible.

50. 88 With studs Chevy 402 Big Block, Need Advice. See our Cylinder Heads - Quality Performance Aluminum Street Heads. Merlin heads are also stamped "World Merlin" on the outside of the cylinder head, above the exhaust ports. AFR 245 23° Competition Package NPP Fully CNC Ported Cylinder Heads: $2595: Big Block Chevy Heads - Brodix: Brodix 345/363cc 3Xtra Rectangle Port Cylinder Heads w/CNC Ported Chambers: $3095: Brodix 351/365cc 3Xtra Oval Port Fully CNC Ported Cylinder Heads: $3695: Brodix 366/380cc 3Xtra Rectangle Port Fully CNC Ported Cylinder Heads: $3595 Big Block Chevy Parts Below you will find parts for big block Chevy engines. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. They are sent out the door apparently assuming someone will do some work on them. Optimized for engines between 540-632 cu. 88" exhaust valve. Raised exhaust port . Real conservative and safe tune up. 880" exhaust valve job.

We have a full 5-Axis Simultaneous CnC machine with Centroid control. Chevy 396 427 454 496 502 Bbc Aluminum Heads Oval Port Chevrolet 540 572 New. 300/1. When larger engines (454 to 540ci) require added flow, choose the Merlin Rectangle Port cylinder heads. These are good but your intake will not fit since made for rectangular. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Brodix Cylinder Heads Bb-3 Xtra Cylinder Heads For Big Block Chevy Bb3 Xtra Bare $1,048. according to scoggin & dickey these heads flow better than any prior oval port like the common #781s. They'll out-perform larger heads in many applications. procomp electronics review with 55 comments: purchased a pair of procomp heads(#3021c) for my 454 chevy big block engine. 72 diameter valves as other oval port heads. AFR’s oval port heads makes good on the mathematical promise of superior performance generated by optimum port dimensions that generate the desired airspeed and increased intake ramming while promoting good mixture quality to support the best possible burn characteristics. The least expensive online catalog for all your Bbc Brodix Heads needs.

If you want to keep up the compression use the Edelbrock Aluminum Oval Port heads they have small chambers and are the heads used on the new GM That's where the oval port heads really stand out. com Designed for competition 396-502 Big Block Chevy's #2902 fits rectangular-port heads and #2904 fits large oval-port heads (1975-earlier) These intakes are designed to optimize the flow characteristics of an 850 CFM standard flange carburetor Features include extended runner dividers, smaller plenum chambers and unique runner design for max Full Port Job Cylinder Heads: $900 for aluminum small block $950 for big block includes valve job. Bbc-oval-272 Block Chevy Merlin Iii Bbc Oval Port Heads 3933148. Make sure the head port (oval or rectangular) match your intake. World Production Merlin Grumpy Jenkins Cast Iron Heads for Big Block Chevy part # 043-C with Comp Cams mech roller springs part # 951-16 Comp Cams Titanium 10 degree retainers Manley Guides Stainless Steel Valves. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Chevy BBC 454 Shootout Rect Port High Rise Intake Manifold Satin both rectangular or oval port cylinder heads. This is excellent information to prove that oval port heads are the best choice for "milder" applications that are under 500 CI and have a max RPM in the 6500 range. World Products MERLIN III Iron Big Blocks; Brodix PB-1600 Sweet 16 Oval Spread Port Chevy Big Block Heads, each. $155. My concerns are: Is this cam a good choice for replacement? New rebuilt 454 bbc full roller motor, cast oval port heads with behive springs, ss valve job and has been redone as well. 00 An "out-of-the box" match for Sportsman II cylinder heads, the small block design also works quite well with S/R Torquers and other stock/mildly modified heads. Find World Products Merlin Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These World Products Merlin cylinder heads for big Chevys combine large intake runners with open combustion chamb World Products 030040 - Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Chevy Big Block MERLIN 269cc Oval Port 269cc 119cc 26Degree 2.

Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. BBC heads have a few different chambers. Blue Thunder 460 heads come in several combustion-chamber sizes and exhaust-port styles; shown here is the BBC-style exhaust port. 90 119 cc Comubustion Chamber, Intake Valve is 2. these heads from gm are over 1200. Assuming because they are quite rough. 69 On the other hand if you need a high performance, "stock replacement" head, buying the raised port "bolt-on" heads can be a expensive mistake. found out too late that due to the shape of the combustion chamber (next to the exhaust valve Subject: oval port vs. Profiler Sniper Intake Manifold BBC 63hp Increase in power, big gains in torque. Our 305cc “As Cast” or fully CNC ported 315cc cylinder heads will provide you with flow numbers most medium sized heads, and some larger, can only dream about. home,616-738-0474 or cel,616-403-3962. your l29s have the same 2.

Oval-port heads can also be reconfigured to accept the larger 2. Description. Make big power using this cast Iron cylinder head. 99 Genuine Arp 235-4326 Bbc Wp Merlin Iii +brodix Bb 3xtra Arp2000 12pt Head Studs performance. NEW BBC CHEVY ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEADS PERFORMANCE 396 427 454. There are also "semi-closed" chamber heads like the c/n 215 heads. 1" spacer cast into the you put an oval port head on that motor and it will be done by 5000-5500 dont waste money on old 781 heads when you can get aluminum for a little bit more. Car Parts. 88, Valve Springs are a 1. The port size on the runners is 300 cc, and we were afraid that might be almost too big; and it ended up being too big, in my opinion. There are aftermarket oval port heads with about 290-cc intake runners, and small rectangular port heads with around 300-cc ports. World Products Merlin oval port/open chamber cylinder heads.

E. In an effort to decide whether aftermarket aluminum heads are the best approach for my purposes, of if the stock heads can be modified with reasonable su With features such as cast injection bosses, 4500 series carburetor flange, four corner water bosses, and Steve Schmidt Competition Engines custom hand porting, the SNIPER is the best choice in BBC conventional head manifolds. $1,259. Rectangle - Longer or taller than wide or high. Need port work also as mentioned below. I am guessing the motor should have about 475hp (cast oval heads will knock a little off of the 502) should be 8. 250 and 1. Smitty is correct - out of the box their airflow is substandard. The SNIPER BBC Intake Manifold Series is designed with the perfect runner to plenum volume to maximize the power and acceleration curves of your engine. Trick Flow makes a 280cc oval port, and 320cc or 360cc rectangle port cylinder heads specifically so that engine builders can pick the right cylinder head for their application. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Bbc Dart Aluminum Heads for your vehicle New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale We use either a stock point style distributor or a H. 4l kit(C $29.

The 454 big block formerly in my Z (and for the past 18 months on an engine stand!) came with small oval port heads; it’s from a 1978 Suburban. FOR SALE - Wilmington, NC - I have two sets of World products Merlin Oval Port Heads with dart intake manifolds matching Valve size int 2. Hydraulic Dual Valve Spring Re: What heads,cam,intake to build 550-575 horsepower 427 Big Block Chevy?? 01-28-02 05:43 PM - Post# 90046 In response to I'm running GM iron 781 large oval port truck heads on my 414 ci destroked 427 bbc. I will port match the intake so the manifold is still oval and lines up with the roof of the heads. D. airflowresearch. there is'nt an exhaust crossover so your intake runs cooler. rockers www. Re: Brodix race rite oval port heads 06-13-05 09:15 AM - Post# 689103 In response to 55 chevy After speaking with wolfplace, I am a definite beleiver in these heads. 320cc CNC ported Brodix BB-2 aluminum big block Chevy cylinder head. BBC 454 to 470 CID with AFR 265 or 290 Oval Port heads to max of 6200 rpm. In the image below, the closed chamber heads are on top, open chamber heads below.

Pro-filer Sniper Intake Oval - To fit Pro-Filer Oval Port Heads Rectangle Port New Merlin 16degree BBC heads (80cc chamber) The Merlin 16's are square ports. Im putting them on a flattop 496 with boost. Perfect for a hot-rod. 31 gear). 2. hi I`m new here and have a question about spark plugs,,, i just built my first big block,,its a 454 true 10 1/2 to 1 compression,,, oval port iron heads with bigger rev valves and mild cleanup in the ports,,,they flow the same as edelbrock oval ports,,, 599 lift comp cams solid camand full kit,,, forged crank good rods forged pistons,,, all the safe oiling stuff,,, studded mains all the best Big Block Chevy V-8 Casting Numbers If you don't know where to look on your engine for all of the casting numbers, casting dates and suffix codes, see Chevy V-8 Casting Number Locations Page 1 and Page 2. 99) Arp 12 point big block chevy head bolt kit 396-454 bbc 135-3701(US $82. The later generation engines were different. 60) (These heads are becoming scarce as they were replaced early in production with “peanut port” versions. 4 Mercury big blocks up to 468 c. They offer the largest intake-port volume of 290 cc -CNC ported with Weingartner Racing Port Design pair bare $2600 (coming soon) -Brodix 270cc oval port as cast heads assembled for flat tappet or Hydraulic roller cams pair $1950 -Brodix 270cc oval port as cast heads assembled for Solid roller cams up to . The World Products Motown head is offered only in a 220cc intake runner version with 64 cc chambers.

) AFR’s smallest oval port head has a 265 cc intake port volume and flows up to 350 cfm – a whopping 30 percent more airflow through basically the same size port. Just a Bitchin video from our last run in 2018. 300 x 1. Arp Chevy Big Block Mkiv W Merlin Heads 10 Long Exhaust Stud 12pt Head Stud Kit JEGS Prepped; 454 BBC with B&M 420 Blower; 750 CFM Nickerson Prepped Carbs; Merlin Oval Port-Heads. 800 Deck Height • CNC Port Matched to Oval Complete Turn Key 468 BBC Merlin Heads a pro built 650HP 468cu motor is a 4 bolt main with merlin oval port heads that were flowed, w/BG 1080 carb, competition cam valve train w/1. Stub Tubes available for most fl anges by Special Order. 600. You also want make sure that the spring and retainer package is matched appropriately to what the customers needs you put an oval port head on that motor and it will be done by 5000-5500 dont waste money on old 781 heads when you can get aluminum for a little bit more. 00. 75 @ 125 mph in a 3500lb Malibu. Improved Performance Over Chevy's Legendary LS6 Heads! Merlin 269cc Oval Port heads are excellent for most street-driven big-blocks up to 468ci. The ones I have done in the past made 505 on the dyno, very mild 454 engines with Merlin oval-port heads.

550 Horsepower 496 Big Block Chevy “Carb – Intake Manifold” To When this new cylinder-head design was established, Chevrolet then decided to create two distinct versions of the cylinder head. Rectangular port size at the gasket flange is 1. The cylinder heads were bolted on right out of the box while the intake manifold was flow tested and then port-matched to the intake gasket. 880 exhaust SS valves, 119cc chambers. They also make oval port heads. I see this is a little dated and not to argue but I have to add that the 781 oval port heads will in fact rev and build HP to 7000. 25") along with nitrous bosses, four corner water Dual Plane Manifolds About Us. I have heard of them but never head of them running so wasn't sure about them. 00 will out perform "any" cast Iron BBC heads on the market. It has been said that they actually outperform the rectangle port head up to about 4000 rpm. 600/ Std. Gm 3933148 Bbc Oval Port Bare Cast Iron Cyl Heads, Dated K-7 And 8-68, Truck Cham Block Bbc Blockdart Bbc Alum Bbc Stock Bbc Stud Bbc Cast Bbc Merlin Iron Head WORLD PRODUCTS – IRON ENGINE BLOCKS & HEADS.

RFD is a full service machine shop and uses only the best equipment. 54:1 compression / Solid Roller / AFR Oval Port 300cc Heads / 4. 680 huydralic roller, i had comp cams springs on them to support my . $273. thats the casting numbers on the heads. The motor is a low hour (60) form a boat, it is a zz502/502 short block with world merlin 2 cast oval port heads, hyd roller cam (dont know specs) roller rockers, double valve springs and an 850 damon carb. BB Spread Port Conversion Kits 555-632. 468 BBC 4-bolt main with main studs Steel crankshaft JE pistons with moly rings 12. 00 for the pair. 300" x 1. 650 solid flat tappet or a . Our Weber cross ram manifold is built for oval port heads.

This is standard 9. d. 496 300cc Oval Port Aluminum Heads Assem. The least expensive online catalog for all your Big Block Chevy Heads needs. The 454 HO big block is Chevy Performance's most economical alternative crate engine to rebuilding - see images, dyno specs, installation info and more. An 850HP would be our choice with a good set of 1 ¾” headers. 3 compression Brodix Oval port heads w/rpm intake mild port work 850 holley VS Comp Cams steel roller rockers Billet double roller timing chain Already have a set of roller springs, double with damper (new in box) 135# seat and 370# open @ . These are only available for a limited number of tube and port size combinations. 250, Exhaust 1. 88-inch performance valves used in high-performance rectangular-port heads. The manifold features large rectangular ports (1. More “pedestrian” engines (read passenger car and truck), received the oval-port cylinder heads.

They are shaped more like an open chamber head, but with less volume. 00 each. square port: Reply: Oval ports are good up to about 6-6500 rpm. The use of these cast heads are encouraged due to their extra thickness and increased strength. 625D, with 750 Max Lift "the heads are only about 3 months old was running them on a 460 bbc, was running 11. 269 Available - RacingJunk Classifieds features & sells race ready Heads. intake location. Pro Filer Sniper Big Block Chevy Heads with 320cc Intake Runner, 2. Shaver gave us the lowdown: "The heads are Brodix raised oval ports CNC ported by Weldtech and then modified by HVH. The Motown heads are updated Sportsman II heads. The H. 600 LIFT SOLD AS A PAIRNO CORE RETURN REQUIRED.

180cc Intake / 58cc Chamber ISO of aftermarket bbc large oval port heads. these list at Jegs for $2685. 95) Oval port bbc heads rebuilt ready for installation(US $150. It all depends on the application. Flow measured at 28" of depression. Oval-port heads can be ordered bare, with CNC-porting already done or completely ported and assembled. NO header bolts. Merlin intake manifolds are available in both oval port and rectangular port configurations. He is a dealer for both AFR and Brodix, so he can get you a deal. They were removed from a running engine but have been laying around for a few years so probably be a good idea to have them gone through. Granted it was a cold day. ProMAXX Performance has designed a complete new line of performance heads that meet or exceed the big names in the industry.

This is a discussion for the topic BBC Heads on the board Engines / Engine Parts For Sale Amazon. 2039 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head Big Block Chevy 454 w/Solid R Gm 3933148 Bbc Oval Port Bare Cast Iron Cyl Heads, Dated K-7 And 8-68, Truck Cham Block Bbc Blockdart Bbc Alum Bbc Stock Bbc Stud Bbc Cast Bbc Merlin Iron Head Brisk Cylinder Head Manufacturer Spark Plug Recommendations 165/185cc SBF Outlaw Street Heads: AUT 3924: DR15YS, DOR15LGS,DR15ZC, DOR15YTE Merlin II Oval Engine is a 496 BBC, all forged 4340 10. they are the oval port edlebrock Buy Dart 41124000 BBC 9. 63" x 2. with the chamber design larger valves would not be pratical. Merlin II Cast Iron Cylinder Heads Technical Instructions for assembled & bare head part numbers: 030040- Bare, Oval Port, 269 cc Intake Runner 030040-1 Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Oval Port, 269 cc Intake Runner 030040-2 Mechanical Flat Tappet, Hydraulic Roller, Oval Port, 269 cc Intake Runner Big Block Chevy heads are popular for truck pulling, off-road and restorations. Please text or call Ray if interested or have any questions at Thanks! Focusing on tons of heads merlin available on sale. 235-4325 Bbc For Sale Online. If your spinning the engine 5500-6000 @ WOT I would go with a Dart single plane oval port intake on your square port heads. 99. We used the oval port heads to help with the low end torque and because we already had an oval port Edelbrock Air-Gap intake manifold. $264.

We were afraid that we were already on the big side. 550), 10 O titanium retainers & steel billet locks, positive Viton valve seals, no studs or guide plates but Bbc Chevy 540-555 Engine Stage 7 Merlin Iv Block Crate Motor 724 Hp Serpentine 427 454 496 502 Bbc Aluminum Heads Oval Port 540 750 Lift 2015 CSI Automotive AFR BBC 265cc Magnum Oval Port Aluminum Cylinder Heads Chevy Big Block 468 3610 Edelbrock 61559 RPM Marine Cylinder Head Fits Big Block Chevy 454 Rectangular Trick Flow PowerPort 365 Aluminum Cylinder Head Big Block Chevy BBC 365cc Ti Ret Speedmaster PCE281. Race Flow Development specializes in getting the most out of your engine for Road Race, Circle track and Drag Racing applications. chevy bbc high rise oval port intake manifold # 23037: chevy bbc high rise rectangle port intake manifold polished: chevy bbc holeshot oval port intake manifold polished: chevy bbc holeshot oval port intake manifold satin - #23001: $178. 250 s/s valves open chamber Competition cams hydraulic roller cam Bullet cams hydraulic roller lifters Competition cams 3/8 push rods Edelbrock Victor 454-O intake Roller to rockers big block chevy bbc oval port heads - $600 (murray ky) i have a new started on a motor and taken off , set of big block chevy (new style ) oval port gm heads with guide plates, rocker studs and rockers. I wouldn't use the square-port merlins on a street motor unless it was way over 500 cu-in. Oval-port heads are known to easily support up to 600 hp with the proper combination of parts; some builders have exceeded that mark by a considerable amount in special applications. Those heads use a weird size valve also. Browse our inventory of Heads today, while they still last! See our Intake manifolds - 350 320 318 Chevy. Some of the raised port heads such as the Edelbrock VIctor and SUper Max Wedge Victors have "extended" intake surfaces so that stock type intake will fit. part # 10141279 gm2, gm3, 279, 19. 1 3.

The good Oval Port heads are 781s or 049s I honestly wouldn't put money in any other factory oval port BBC head. Cast Iron and Aluminum / Bare and Complete Head Assemblies Marine Cylinder Heads Merlin 269cc Oval Port heads are excellent for upgrades on 7. these heads are great street strip heads. GOOD FOR . Is there such a thing? Everything I find is either aluminum or rectangle Competition Package (CNC Ported Heads With No Parts) 265cc Oval Port Magnum BBC “As Cast” Small Port, High Velocity, Torque Monster 661-257-8124 21 Basic Package Components Part # Intake Valve, 2. BBC: Merlin – Performance Style 24º Heads Oval Port – With 269 cc Intake Port We offer a variety of Bbc Dart Aluminum Heads for your automotive needs. I don't have any part numbers, but you can't go wrong if you can find a set of oval port heads made around 70-72. The Big-block Chevy Merlin head casting number is "I-043," followed by a "B," "C" or "D" indicating the port size. spdexhaust. These Brodix oval-port heads are very strong on power delivery and the resultant 899 hp proves it. 600 lift. i.

But usually what you'll hear is "open" or "closed" chambers. You can have a killer camshaft, valvetrain, intake manifold, carb, and headers, but if you bolt ‘em to a weak set of heads, you won’t make power. When I received the engine about 8 weeks later I was reading the Competition Cam card that was included in the package and discovered that Featuring bbc blockmax on sale on the internet. The intake charge should make a seamless transition from the manifold runners to the cylinder head ports. The 454 was a two-bolt block, 781 headed smog era deluxe. I can get them for 800 and they are fresh Review (mpn: 1-043 for sale) 1-043 Cast Manley Merlin Severe Port Bbc Valves Duty Square Heads Complete. If this 565 BBC is any indication, there are a great many big blocks sporting the wrong shape intake ports. 800 deck Merlin 3 iron block and uses standard Fel Pro or Comectics head gaskets. If a vehicle was ordered with as “high-performance” with a big block, that engine received rectangular-port heads. 5 Pro Street Engine Afr Heads Merlin Iv Block 915 Hp-base Afr Bbc 265cc Magnum Oval Port PROMAXX Performance Products specializes in all types of automotive cylinder head for any budget, carrying Performance cylinder heads, diesel cylinder heads and stock replacement cylinder heads. Completely rebuilt by the pros at TCB engine development. Extreme Port Job for Cylinder Heads:$1500 for aluminum.

About Our CNC Machined Flanges 24 888-778-3312 fax 916-635-2970 www. 00) Fel-pro cylinder head bolts hex head buick chevy oldsmobile pontiac 3. 1 speed pro pistons and 110 fuel. An engine’s cylinder heads and intake manifold must work together as an integrated system to produce maximum performance. In some cases, we may offer 2 different CNC ported versions such as our Stage 3 ported LA or magnum Edelbrock heads, and the BigMouth heads with pushrods moved over to widen the port at the pushrod restriction and increase the port volume. We don’t see any BBC motors in circle track any longer. 560 • Fits BRODIX BP HH BB and BP BB-3 XTRA O Heads • 4500 Series Top • 9. distributor must be clearance d to fit. These were one of very few aftermarket valve covers to have oil drippers located above the rocker arms. CNC ported, valve jobbed, hand tuned and flow tested. 880”stainless steel AFR #7630 1. 030040-2 - World Products - Merlin 24 Degree BBC Iron Head - 269cc Intake Port, 119cc Chamber, 2.

30" Intake Valve and 1. They are available in straight and angle plug design. The cast iron MERLIN rectangular port design is available with intake ports in 320 and 345cc configurations. The 220 cc Motown head flows in the 250 to 260 cfm range in stock Brodix Cylinder Heads Race-rite Oval Port Cylinder Heads For Big Block Chevy Genuine Arp 235-4326 Bbc Wp Merlin Iii Brodix Bb 3xtra Arp2000 12pt Head Studs CHEVY BBC BIG Block 454 320cc 115cc High Performance Aluminum Cylinder Head - $279. I am finishing up little details and jobs – Tony is getting our engine and parts stockpile freshened up- BDI is getting our new body painted and lettered – counting down the days till June 1 for our first runs at Cordova – The Merlin oval ports flow more than the stock GM Square port heads, but have large chambers so they won't increase you compression. Designed for competition 396-502 Big Block Chevy's #2902 fits rectangular-port heads and #2904 fits large oval-port heads (1975-earlier) These intakes are designed to optimize the flow characteristics of an 850 CFM standard flange carburetor Features include extended runner dividers, smaller plenum chambers and unique runner design for max The reasoning is sound and not without precedence, as every factory high-performance big-block came equipped with rectangular-port heads. 06-1. a quick reply about your bbc vortecs. A less expensive option than brodix race rite oval port heads are The bbc oval port 300cc procomp heads. GENUINE ARP 235-4326 BBC WP Merlin III +Brodix BB 3Xtra ARP2000 12PT Save bbc merlin heads to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Chevy Top End Kit 396 427 454 496 502 BBC Aluminum Heads oval port 540 572 . 30. 300 intake/1.

16. this long block i bought in early 70s and still in the crate waiting for the right boat. Although Cal Custom made valve covers for many different engines, the big block Chevy version was the only one that I know of, and the only aftermarket big block Chevy valve covers that I know of other than Edelbrock, that had drippers. Lee’s 427 core came with closed chamber heads, and a steel crank. 5:1-13:1 compression Merlin world products iron big oval port heads with 2. 714/. Great way to increase velocity on mid range rpm engines and torque. If your into extreme reliability from sub zero arctic conditions to summer desert heat, these cast heads will handle the punishment for your performance application CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. 28 bore x 4. Choose the port size that will provide the optimum balance of flow and velocity for your engine combination. 880 Intake/Exhaust Valves, Oval Port, Assembly w/1. For torque I like the 781 and 049 large oval port heads, for HP you cannot beat a set of Merlin heads.

 When larger displacement engines (502 to 572 cubic inch) require additional flow, Merlin Cast Iron and Aluminum Rectangular Port cylinder heads are the perfect choice. 550” O. The oval-port variety was left for more pedestrian people Part 3 -GM Oval Port Head Core Selection - What To Look For In Depth Performance Engine Build 620+ Horse Power Street/Strip Pump Gas 454 Big Block Chevy Conventional wisdom suggests big power requires big cylinder heads, but don’t count out a set of AFR oval port heads, especially after they have been given the once over by Merlin the (flow) magician at Mamo Motorsports. Great for low end power, crappy for anything else. If it's a first generation BBC (70's-80's) it probably has oval port heads-rectangular port heads were early 396/427/454 HP units. Two heads can have different cc's in port volume and still have the same average CSA because of their different port centerline lengths. This site features a high quality selection of items ready for shipping at great asking prices. Once the heads were installed the rocker arm geometry was checked, notice the witness line directly in the middle of the valve stem. PLAIN Header Flanges (part numbers start with 25) are simply that - NO starter tubes, NO other work performed. 7 roller rockers, comp cam 11-613-5, edelbrock aluminium water pump, MSD 6AL, TRW pistons, steel crank, Eagle Forged H Beam Rod, SFI Flywheel(out of date), BBC starter, March Billet Brackets, Solid Billet Valve Valve size will increase appropriately with port size. For another $900 the head can be turned into a cnc program. 190” stainless steel AFR #7601 Exhaust Valve, 1.

956 a few weeks ago (3. com: big block chevy heads. The SNIPER Series features cast injection bosses, 4500 series carburetor flange, four corner water bosses and your choice of oval or rectangle port opening. We work on many types of BBC heads including factory Chevy Oval and Square Port, Dart 308 and 345 Square Port, World Merlin and Engine Quest BBC heads. Find great deals on eBay for Merlin Heads in Cylinder Heads & Parts. Improved Performance Over Chevy's Legendary LS6 Heads! Merlin 269cc Oval Port heads are excellent for most street-driven big-blocks up to 468ci. Never ran 049s but my 460, merlin-oval, 2-ton '70 monte ran 11. This port job includes performance valve job BuyAFR AFR As Cast 305cc BBC Head [AFR2100] - AFR 305cc as cast BBC race heads AFR’s Torque Monster The smallest intake volume runners in our line-up, but don’t let size fool you. Big Block Chevy Parts Below you will find parts for big block Chevy engines. distributor. He also had the right lowbuck intake, an un-ported Holley Strip Dominator. Tough as hell and high nickel castings.

How are heads that have a good and a bad port handled? -- The flow numbers for the 2 ports are averaged and this number is used in the calculations. Valve choice for oval port BBC heads and I decided to go with a set of cast-iron merlin heads. 880 intake and exhaust valves. com 2 NEW GM Procomp Bbc Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Heads 396 427 454 No Core - $999. Find World Products Merlin Cylinder Heads 030040-1 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These World Products Merlin cylinder heads for big Chevys combine large intake runners with open combustion chambers to produce good torque and low-end power. HEADER FLANGES w/STARTER Tubes (part numbers start with 22) include Plain Header Flanges, Formed Starter Tubes, and Header Bolts. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Heads Race-rite Oval Port This manifold is primarily best on big block engines in the 396, 427, 454 displacement area producing power up to the 700 horsepower range. Chevy BBC Big Block 454 320cc 115cc High Performance Aluminum Cylinder Head Compatible with N/A - JM-BB-320 Part Number: JM-BB-320 Part Type: Cylinder Heads Cylinder Head Style: Bare Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum Cylinder Head Finish: Natural Combustion Chamber Volume (cc): 115 cc CNC-Machined Combustion Key to the performance potential is the Edelbrock top-end combo of 24-degree Musi/Victor CNC-ported cylinder heads (PN 61419 bare, PN 61409 assembled) and a Super Victor intake manifold (PN 2917). Kit includes: Dart Big Chief or Pro-FIler Intake, Dart Big Chief 14° & 18°, Big Duke 18° or Pro Filer 12° Heads, Jessel Shaft Rockers, Aluminum Sheet Metal Valve Covers, Cyl Head Stud Set, Wiseco / JE Pistons, Speed Pro Rings, Clevite Bearings, Custom Ground Camshaft (4/7 swap), Comp Cams Lifter Set, . Pro-Filer C460 style replacement heads feature an oval-shaped ”Pro Stock” intake port and raised port location for maximum airflow. Edit I would do more checking around on the numbers, ls7 heads are 627 2990 G M 1T block 14015445. World Merlin Chev BB heads, World part# 030040B, cast iron, oval port (269 cc) brand new-never installed, 119 cc chambers, BPE Stage I Porting, Manley 2.

080 Chome Moly Pushrods, Complete Gasket Set Afr Bbc 265cc Magnum Oval Port Cylinder Heads Cnc Chamber Chevy Big Block 3610-1. World Products 030040 Merlin Cylinder Head Big Block Chevybare 269cc Oval Port. Afr Bbc 265cc Magnum Oval Port Cylinder Heads Cnc Chamber Chevy Big Block 3610-1. Edelbrock Heads The Edelbrock Performer RPM oval ports are an interesting mix within the collection of aftermarket aluminum oval-port heads. 25 stroke / stock GM BBC Merlin Heads 1-043 they keep port velocity up which promotes better cylinder filling, etc. That calculates out to just shy of 600HP at the flywheel. I have two sets of World products Merlin Oval Port Heads with dart intake manifolds matching Valve size int 2. I got to dyno test the final 565-ci build that used these heads. 8. bbc merlin oval port heads

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